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Al Aseel Services Company started in the field of insect extermination , general maintenance and cleaning of buildings since 2002, where it’s one of the first companies in these areas did not stop Al Aseel Services on this limit of success, always seeking for further development and excellence in all areas to become one of the best successful companies In the UAE this is high point in the continuous increase in the number of our customers and their trust in us.

Certified Company

Clear certification for our services is one of our key point to serve you.

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Our Employees are Well experienced in their field that makes us to create a better work flow

We are experts in dealing with the following pests













We provide fast and effective solutions to get rid of insect problems for homeowners and companies through integrated programs to eliminate the problem of insects with our pest control services …

General Maintenance

Our general maintenance and repair workers fix all the machines, maintain machines, mechanical equipment and also buildings. We paint, repair flooring…


Cleaning of villas, apartments and offices The latest hardware is located Under the supervision of a team of skilled technicians and skilled workers Producing a fine and beautiful shape..


It is noted that many suffer from termites in homes and they cause a lot of problems such as eating doors, making lines on the walls, and be on ceramics, wood or walls ..

We Are Experienced

Our experienced services made as unique in the industry, we have expert employees in fields to make sure all going well as our customer says. Al Aseel Services Company initiated  in the field of Pest control services , General maintenance and Cleaning of buildings since 2002, where it is one of the first and best companies in these areas. Al Aseel Services on this limit of success, always seeking for further development and legit in all areas to become one of the most successful company in the UAE this is highlighted in the continuous increase in the number of our clients and gain their trust in us.

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Pest Control Services In Dubai

  • Get the best eco friendly pest protection for your Home & Business AL ASEEL Pest Control and Cleaning Services is a leading company serving in Dubai. The municipalities of Dubai and Dubai have approved our services. All our operations are conducted under the supervision of skilled, trained and experienced staff.

We provide the best pest control services without charging the clients exorbitantly –


Bed bugs pest control 

Termite Control 

Rodent Control

Beetle Control

Mosquito Pest Control

Fleas Pest Control

Ants Pest Control

Snake Pest Control

Rats Pest Control

Flies Control Services

Ticks Pest Control

Cockroaches Pest Control

Mite Pest Control

Bee Pest Control

Wasps Pest Control

Pro Construction Anti Termite

Post Construction Anti Termite

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