Al Aseel Services UAE

Pest Control Services

Pest and rodent control

We offer quick and effective solutions to get rid of the problems of insects, cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, mosquitoes, flies, termites, mice, for home owners and companies through integrated programs to eliminate the problem of insects and these programs are designed specifically to satisfy our customers as customer satisfaction with our services is one of our priorities .


Residential services and houses

We provide pest control services of all kinds in and around buildings, houses, apartments, villas and the best pesticides authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Water in addition to its full safety on human health and the environment


Commercial services and companies

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Services Provided in the Department of Pest and Rodent Control

  • Pest control
  • Anti-Ants
  • Anti bed bugs
  • Anti-Flies
  • Anti-mosquito
  • Control the birds
  • Anti termites
  • Anti mice
  • Drywood termite Treatment
  • Termite fumigation
  • termite bait
  • termites under construction
  • Ant Control
  • Termite & Pest Inspection
  • Rat Traps
  • Cockroach Spray