Al Aseel Services UAE

General Maintenance

“Operation is the process of running a building in proper working condition. But maintenance is the activity performed for the right up-maintaining of it and repairing is the activity performed to restore the defect or harm present with inside the structure. Servicing is a completely crucial factor of the building”

Prevention Maintenance

Machine is maintained earlier than any fault occur or the device to be in operating condition. It`s to keep a stage of positive provider on equipment, programming or configuration if required and carried out by maintenance department. .

Periodic Maintenance

The basic maintenance of equipments by its operator . It consists of cleaning, visual inspection, data collection, lubrication, re tightening of screws for which only a brief training is required.


Corrective Maintenance

It is to correct the defect to be found in the equipment and are corrected by the maintenance department.

Services Provided in the Department of Maintanance Service

  • Carpentary Works
  • Painting Service
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Works
  • Ceramic Works
  • Works of False Ceiling
  • Mechanics (Health)